Gujarati Bhakri Recipe by Vari Shah 438 days ago

Gujarati Bhakri
They are crispy, flat rounds, relished at mealtime and popular while traveling.

Preparation Method

      For the Dough
    1. Mix all the ingredients. Knead to make a stiff dough. (If milk is used, omit salt). Cover it for 10–15 minutes.
    2. Smear with ghee. Knead to a smooth dough.
    3. Divide the dough into 8 equal portions. Make round balls.
      To Proceed
    1. Roll out each pressed ball into an even, flat, round bhakri.
    2. Pre-heat a griddle on a medium flame.
    3. Roast both sides of the bhakri till light brown spots appear.
    4. Press gently with a wooden press till it turns light golden brown.
    5. Pinch deep marks on it or make cuts with a knife.
    6. Remove from the griddle and apply ghee on it.
    7. Repeat the same for the other bhakris. Serve hot.
      Additional Note
    • Bhakris are normally thick and small like puris. Remove bhakri from the rolling board with a spatula.


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    Serves : 8 Bhakhris
    Ready In : 40 Minutes
    Level :
    Tithi :
    Tastes :
    Cuisine :
      For the Dough
    1. 1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
    2. 7-8 tablespoons melted ghee
    3. 4 tablespoons water or milk (approx.)
    4. salt to taste (optional)
    5. Optional
    6. melted ghee (to apply on bhakri)
    7. wooden press (to roast bhakri)

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