Motichur Ke Ladoo Recipe by Vari Shah 358 days ago

Motichur Ke Ladoo
Motichur with its exceptional texture sets the mood of a festive Palanpuri occasion.

Preparation Method

      For Bundi Batter
    1. Mix flour and water to make a smooth, thick batter. Keep aside.
    2. Add ghee to it at the time of frying. Stir well.
      For the Sugar Syrup
    1. On a low flame, in a pan, melt sugar in water. As it boils add milk. Do not stir for a few minutes. The scum (impurities) will float on the surface. Remove.
    2. Simmer syrup till it thickens to 11/2 thread consistency.
    3. Add saffron paste. Keep aside.
      To Proceed
    1. On a medium flame, heat ghee in a frying pan. Hold skimmer over the frying pan. Pour the batter, little at a time on the skimmer. Spread it with a small steel bowl or your palm such that elongated droplets (bundis) fall into the ghee.
    2. On a high flame, deep-fry the bundis for a minute. Remove and drain them with another skimmer.
    3. Immediately immerse them into the sugar syrup. Mix well. Repeat for rest of the batter.
    4. Sprinkle cardamom powder on the bundis. Gently mix. Hot bundis (chun) taste delicious. Garnish. Serve.
      For Motichur
    1. Allow bundis to soak in the sugar syrup. Gently press the bundis with a skimmer or spatula. Soak the bundis for 1/2 hour in the same pan.
    2. Take little portion of the motichur and form round balls with hands. Serve.
      Additional Note
    • Add 4-5 tablespoons of hot water or milk, before sprinkling cardamom powder, if the syrup gets absorbed by bundis. Heat on a low flame for 2 minutes. Stir gently.




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      September 25, 2013  2:30 pm by sneghasathish Reply

      super sweet

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      October 3, 2014  1:28 pm by Karuna rajput Reply

      can we use oil instead of ghee fr deep frying??

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      Can u please mail me the photo of the skimmer that you have used for making motichoor ladoo

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    Serves : 30-35 ladoos
    Ready In : 80 Minutes
    Level :
    Tithi :
    Tastes :
    Cuisine :
      For Bundi Batter
    1. 500 grams bengal gram flour
    2. 2 cups water (approx.)
    3. 1 tablespoon ghee (warm)
    4. For the Sugar Syrup
    5. 1 kg sugar
    6. water (enough to soak sugar)
    7. 2 tablespoons milk
    8. 2 teaspoons saffron paste
    9. To Garnish
    10. 25 almonds (slivers)
    11. 25 pistachios (slivers)
    12. 8-10 cardamom seeds (coarse)
    13. 500 grams ghee for deep frying
    14. Special Equipment
    15. Flat perforated skimmer

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