Doodh Masala Recipe by Vari Shah 451 days ago

Doodh Masala
Aromatic flavourings with good food values always benefit the body.
    Preparation Method
  1. Thinly sliver almonds and pistachios or dry grind them to a coarse powder.
  2. On a high flame, heat a vatki. Switch off the flame. Warm the saffron strands. Rub to a fine powder.
  3. Mix well, the nut powders, saffron, cardamom and nutmeg powders in a bowl. Store in an airtight container. Use as required in milk, ice creams, mithais or as garnish.
    Additional Note
  • Proportion of nuts can vary to individual taste.


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Serves : 1 3/4 cups
Ready In : 30 Minutes
Level :
Tithi :
Tastes :
Cuisine :
  1. 200grams almonds (with or without skin)
  2. 200 grams pistachios (with or without skin)
  3. 1 gram saffron strands
  4. 1 tablespoon cardamom powder
  5. pinch of nutmeg powder (optional)

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