Dondiyala Khakhra
Soft, leftover rotis are transformed into grilled, textured, delicious, khakhras. They taste good with or without ghee and are mostly served with tea.

Preparation Method

      Traditional Method
    1. Authentic dondiyala khakhras are made on charcoal fire that is slowly dying out in a sagdi.
    2. Two tongs are placed horizontally on the fire.
    3. Four to five leftover rotis are placed on the tongs. Roast alternate sides of the rotis till crisp. Apply ghee. Serve hot with pickles or vegetables.
    4. These khakhras change shape but have an irresistible smoky, sweet flavour.
      Grilled Method
    1. In the present age, ovens and grills are used to make the dondiyala khakhras.
    2. Preheat the oven, for 15 -20 minutes. Switch it off.
    3. Place three to four rotis on the grill. Grill alternate sides of the rotis till crisp or grill rotis at a low temperature till crisp. Khakhras change shape but taste equally good.
      Additional Note
    • Dondiyala khakhras are little thicker as they are made from left over rotis. As pressure is not given to the roti while roasting, these khakhras are textured and not flat.


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    Serves : 4-5 pieces
    Ready In : 30 Minutes
    Level :
    Tithi :
    Cuisine :
    1. 4-5 left over rotis
    2. ghee to smear (optional)

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