Chawal Ki Sev Recipe by Vari Shah 20 days ago

Chawal Ki Sev
Rice flour sev are sun-dried. Fried, they taste delicious.

Preparation Method

      For the Dough
    1. On a high flame, simmer water in a heavy bottomed pan. Add all ingredients in the water, except rice flour.
    2. As water starts to boil, add the rice flour. Lower the flame. Whisk the mixture vigorously, till it thickens.
    3. Cook till water is absorbed. No lumps should be formed. Switch off the gas. Cover for 2-3 minutes. Cool the mixture.
      To Proceed
    1. To Make and Deep Fry Sev.
    2. Put the cooled mixture in a dough extruder.
    3. Press gently and pipe out coils on a clean cloth or mat.
    4. Dry under the sunlight for 10-12 days. Store the dried sev in an airtight container. Fry in hot oil as required.
      On a high flame, heat oil in a frying pan. Lower the flame.
    1. Deep fry the sev till they slightly change colour.
    2. Remove, drain and put them on an absorbent paper. Cool and store in an airtight container.


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    Serves : 3
    Ready In : 40 Minutes
    Level :
    Tithi :
    Cuisine :
      For the Dough
    1. 1 cup rice flour
    2. 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
    3. 1 teaspoon papad khar
    4. 2 teaspoons green chillie paste
    5. 4 teaspoons oil
    6. 2 cups water
    7. salt to taste
    8. oil to deep fry
    9. Special equipment
    10. dough extruder (sev no sancho)
    11. plate fitted with holes

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