Easy and fast to cook, mixed bhajias are very popular as savouries. They are prepared from vegetables and fruits usually stored in the kitchen.

Preparation Method

      For the Bhajia
    1. Cut vegetables and fruits of your choice, before frying the bhajias.
      For the Batter
    1. In a pan, mix all the ingredients together except hot oil, to prepare a semi-thick batter. Whisk till smooth. Add hot oil, just before frying. Stir well.
      To Proceed
    1. On a medium flame, heat oil in a frying pan.
    2. At a time dip and coat, each slice of any one variety of the vegetables or fruit in the batter.
    3. Deep fry in hot oil till crisp and golden brown in colour.
    4. Remove and drain the bhajias on an absorbent paper. Serve hot with coriander chutney or tomato ketchup.
      Additional Note
    • Other vegetables — fruits:
      capsicum — sliced lengthwise or rings
      carom leaves (ajma ke patte)
      ripe mango — diced big


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    Serves : 8
    Ready In : 30 Minutes
    Level :
    Tithi :
    Tastes :
    Cuisine :
      For the Bhajia
    1. 2 cups mixed vegetables — fruits
    2. cucumber— sliced thin rounds
    3. green chillies — deseeded, slit lengthwise
    4. ridge gourd — peeled, sliced round, lengthwise
    5. ripe banana — thick, round slices
    6. For the Batter
    7. 2 cups bengal gram flour
    8. 1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder
    9. 1/2 teaspoon dhana-jeera powder
    10. pinch of turmeric powder
    11. pinch of soda-bi-carbonate (optional)
    12. 1 tablespoon oil (hot)
    13. 3/4 cup water (approx.)
    14. salt to taste
    15. oil to deep-fry


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    Best Served With

    1. Coriander Green Chutney